Nude-colored fabric mix


Bonjour mes chers!
What do you think of nude-colored clothes? I wonder about this while I’m writing this post. Well, on the one hand, I use to fall in love with pieces of this color when I see them in stores – especially when they are made of very delicate fabrics like lace or silk. I love the feminine and pure style of nude-colored clothes. On the other hand, I never buy them since I’m far too pale to wear this color. The reason I own this dress is that I received it as a gift. I took this as a challenge: Find a great look with this dress that would not make me look like a walking dead ;-) I decided to go for an all-nude look (“Let’s go the whole hog.”) with one of my favorite cardigans. I love the mix of knitted pieces and silky ones. Like a miracle, this does not make me look too pale at all, no?
XX Tessa









06Photos by me.05

Dress, Clutch – ZARA
Cardigan – H&M
Pumps – LAURA
Ring – SIX
Watch – Skagen


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